Instructions for use Venoten

Indications for Venoten Use

Applying Venoten cream to prepared skin

Venoten cream is the most effective remedy for varicose veins in Germany today. Many users have already left positive reviews about it, getting rid of varicose veins in a short time and without unpleasant consequences.

The cream includes an extensive list of indications for use:

  • pain;
  • heaviness in the limbs;
  • burning and itching sensations;
  • edema;
  • manifestation of volumetric veins;
  • visually distinguishable vascular network;
  • night cramps.

If you experience these symptoms, it is worthwhile to start treatment with Venoten immediately to prevent more serious illnesses.

Recommended Venoten Usage

Instructions are included in each pack of cream. It is a must-read before using the remedy for varicose veins.

The cream has a light, well-absorbed texture that does not leave tints or greasy marks on the skin. You can be calm about your clothes and apply the cream when it suits you.

General guidelines are as follows:

  1. Apply the cream twice a day - morning and evening.
  2. Make sure the surface of the leather is clean, dry and free from damage before application.
  3. The amount of cream is determined individually, based on the ability of the skin to absorb, or is determined by the attending physician.
  4. For convenience, an applicator can be used.
  5. The recommended minimum course is 1 month.
  6. The course can be extended or repeated after a while, depending on your personal feelings.

An individual scheme for using Venoten cream can be prescribed by the attending physician based on his professional assessment of the situation.

Contraindications and risks

The cream is hypoallergenic, but the possibility of individual allergic reactions cannot be ruled out completely. Before using a cream to treat varicose veins, examine your skin's reaction to it by applying a small amount of the cream to a healthy area of ​​your skin. In case of unpleasant reactions, you should not use the cream before consulting a dermatologist.

If the unpleasant symptoms worsen while using the cream as directed, it may be worth lowering the cream dosage. Contact your doctor to individually determine the recommended dose that does not cause unpleasant reactions. In especially advanced stages of varicose veins, treatment should be carried out exclusively under the supervision of the attending physician.

Childhood, pregnancy and lactation are not a contraindication, but you should not neglect the consultation of a specialized specialist in this case. Only a doctor can correctly correlate the benefits and possible risks and give appropriate recommendations.