Treatment of varicose veins in the legs without surgery

Varicose veins are considered a common disease, which most often affects women. For many, the treatment of this disease is associated exclusively with a surgical technique, which is not entirely true.

If you do not start, but start therapy on time, then it is quite possible to cope with conservative methods. In this regard, let's talk about how to treat varicose veins without surgery, what methods exist and how effective they are in comparison with surgery.

About varicose veins

Varicose veins are a pathology accompanied by deformation, stretching and loss of elasticity of the venous vessels. Against the background of insufficiency of the venous valves, reflux (reverse blood flow) appears, as a result of which congestion occurs.

The result of this process is the well-known vascular networks, convex and nodular vessels.

Pathology develops under the influence of various factors, the most common of which are excessive stress, unhealthy lifestyle, hormonal disruptions, ailments of the cardiovascular system, lack of mobility.

In the early stages of the disease it is rather difficult to determine independently, since it manifests itself as fatigue in the legs, but only then more characteristic signs appear:

  • sore legs;
  • fullness in the muscles;
  • feeling of heaviness;
  • convulsions;
  • pathologically altered veins become visible on the skin.

Such symptoms should serve as a reason for immediate seeking help from a specialist, because the earlier the therapy process is started, the more effective it will be. This means that the recovery will not be long in coming.

Help. Another point why the treatment of varicose veins needs to be started in a timely manner is the increased risk of thrombus formation, which is dangerous for humans.

In addition, timely treatment will provide the attending physician with a wider choice of therapeutic methods, and the patient will be able to avoid surgery.

Non-surgical methods of treating varicose veins

Elimination of varicose veins is carried out both conservatively and operatively.

Conservative therapeutic methodsare aimed at preventing subsequent deformation of blood vessels, strengthening them and restoring normal blood circulation in the legs.

Help. Non-surgical methods will be effective only in the initial stages of the disease.

Later stages of the pathology require surgical intervention, since, as a rule, there are already extensive volumes of venous lesions or large vessels are damaged.

In modern medicine, various methods of conservative treatment are widely represented, therefore, below we will talk in detail about how to cure veins in the legs withoutA wide range of drugs for the treatment of varicose veinssurgery.

Drug therapy

Medicines are one of the components of complex anti-varicose treatment. But do not grab onto medicines right away.

Before starting to treat varicose veins in the legs without surgery with drugs, you should definitely visit a doctor.

After conducting the necessary examinations, the specialist will select the most effective combination of drugs, the action of which will be as follows:

  1. Normalization of blood circulation.
  2. Increased vascular tone.
  3. Improving lymphatic drainage function.

A therapeutic course usually consists of special venotonic pharmaceuticals, presented in several dosage forms: tablets, gels, ointments.

Help. Such funds are called phlebotonics or phlebotropic drugs.

You should not use such drugs on your own. Each case requires an individual approach in the selection of medicines.

Folk remedies for the non-surgical treatment of varicose veins

Folk remedies

The question of how to remove veins in the legs without surgery is perhaps the most pressing, since many are simply afraid of surgical interventions.

If the course of the disease allows conservative treatment, then the patient can use the recipes of traditional medicine as an addition to the official one.

The following schematically presents the most popular and effective folk remedies used in the fight against varicose veins.

Method Recipe
Tincture Kalanchoe Well removes the feeling of heaviness and burning in the legs. The plant should be insisted on vodka or diluted alcohol.

Rub your feet for a month until the spider veins disappear completely.

horse chestnut 50 gplant flowers, pour 1 liter of vodka. Insist 2 weeks, shaking occasionally. Store the prepared infusion in a cool place.

Consume 2 tbsp. spoons 3 times a day before meals. After a week's course, take 5 days off and repeat the treatment.

Compress blue clay Dilute the clay with water to the consistency of sour cream, soak a bandage with this solution and apply it to the affected leg area for 3 hours, then rinse with warm water. Carry out in 1 day.
potatoes Peel and grate 1 potato. Put the resulting mass on a bandage and screw it to the protruding veins. Leave on for 4 hours.
Broths rosehip 15 gr. Rosehip berries pour 0. 5 liters of hot water and let it brew. You can drink this broth instead of tea.
hawthorn Boil a small amount of berries with boiling water, let it brew. Take half a glass before meals.

Traditional methods give good results, but only in combination with official therapeutic methods.

In addition, great care should be taken when using such recipes, as they are not as harmless as they might seem at first glance.

With varicose veins, leeches are planted on the damaged area according to a special scheme


Hirudotherapy- a method of treating varicose veins using medicinal leeches.

This method of non-surgical treatment of varicose veins has not lost its relevance and effectiveness today, although it is a rather old way of dealing with pathology.

Help.Only medicinal leeches are used for treatment.

During the procedure, leeches are placed on the damaged areas of the leg. They stick to the skin and bite it, injecting a special substance inside -hirudin, which is characterized by the following effect on the body:

  • improvement of blood microcirculation;
  • strengthening of the vascular walls;
  • blood thinning;
  • reduction of swelling and pain.

The duration of the procedure can be from 5 to 40 minutes.After the work done, the leeches disappear myself.

To exclude transmission of infection, leeches are used only 3 months after their application.

However, usually used individuals are destroyed in a special solution of chloramine.

Physiotherapy and therapeutic massage

Among the methods of treating varicose veins without surgery, physiotherapystands out as they have a wide range of varieties and are very effective in such cases.

Help.The main effect of such procedures is to tone the walls of blood vessels and remove puffiness.

The specific type of manipulation is selected individually for each case.The following types of physiotherapy are most commonly used:

  1. Hydrotherapy- contrasting water treatments.
  2. Electrophoresis.
  3. Darsonvalization- exposure to low-frequency current discharges.
  4. Intermittent pneumocompression- tones up blood vessels due to low compression pressure and impulse.
  5. Magnetotherapy- dissolves blood clots.
  6. Amplipulse therapy- sinusoidal currents heal the walls of blood vessels.
Therapeutic foot massage performed by a specialist

Another effective technique for varicose veins is considered to betherapeutic massage. It is often used in medical practice.

Help. Massage is used only at the initial stage of the development of pathology.

Massage is applied both independently and in combination with other methods of treatment. It is capable of the following effects:

  • eliminate swelling, numbness, convulsions;
  • relieve tension;
  • increase vascular tone;
  • restore blood flow.

The massage must be performed by a qualified therapist. Self-massage is possible only according to the testimony of a doctor.

Exercise and Diet

Is it possible to cure varicose veins at home? Quite, if only under the supervision of a doctor, following all his recommendations.

An important factor in this case is the nature of the course of the disease. Launched forms require radical treatment in a hospital setting.

Important.Varicose veins are a serious disease, so any self-medication at home should be ruled out!

At home, on the recommendation of a doctor, several rules must be observed, which are an integral part of the entire therapeutic complex:

  1. Special exercises.
  2. Diet.

Phlebologists strongly recommend doing exercises aimed at strengthening the buttocks, thighs, lower legs.

Systematic moderate exercise does not take much time, but it slows down the development of the disease and normalizes blood flow.

This exercise should be done a couple of times a day. The set of exercises is selected by the doctor, taking into account the nature of the course of the disease and the physiological characteristics of the patient.

Help.Exercises are not difficult and many are known to us since school: "bicycle", "scissors".

In addition, you can and should eat right, that is, follow a diet, which is far from the last place among non-surgical methods of treatment.

Proper nutrition will have a beneficial effect on the entire body, improving the condition of blood vessels and reducing blood viscosity.

Non-surgical treatment is effective in the early stages of the disease

The effectiveness of non-surgical therapy

It can be unambiguously stated that non-surgical methods are characterized by high efficiency.

It is unlikely that it will be possible to compare their effectiveness with surgical treatment, since, as noted earlier,the former are used at the initial stages of pathology, and the latter - already at more severe stages of its course.

That is, surgical intervention is carried out in extreme cases, when it is simply necessary.

If a doctor has even the slightest chance to cure this pathological condition without resorting to radical methods, he will use it.

In many ways, the treatment prescribed by a specialist depends on the patient himself, that is, on the timeliness of seeking help.


If a person leads a healthy lifestyle and is attentive to his health, then any change in the body does not go unnoticed, and consultation with a specialist on this matter is not superfluous.

In such cases, there is no question of whether it is possible to cure varicose veins without surgery, since the patient himself knows what is possible. After all, the most important thing that was required of him, he did - he turned in time.