Exercises for varicose veins of the lower extremities - gymnastics at home

Did you know that varicose veins of the lower extremities occur in the youngest children and develop during fetal development. This disease is not limited to the elderly. It occurs in half of the inhabitants of the world. Are you in this circle? Then we take our legs in our hands and study exercises for varicose veins of the lower extremities. He does gymnastics at home with his own hands.

Several features of the exercise

Therapeutic exercises for varicose veins is not the only method of therapy. Modern technologies make it possible to destroy the disease with a laser or radio frequencies, but this is not where the legs grow from the problem. Its triggering mechanism is the reverse flow of blood with disruption of the venous valves.

Exercise therapy (in company with a contrast shower, aqua aerobics and massage) can direct the blood supply in the lower body in the right direction, activating it. Gymnastics with varicose veins is useful for increasing the tone of the walls of the veins, normalizing arterial blood flow to the affected limbs.

But there are a few important points:

  • Exercises for varicose veins of the lower extremities should be started from the upper body: from the neck, arms, shoulders;
  • Do not ask yourself excessive loads, monitor your well-being during exercise therapy;
  • Classes are held twice a day. Systematic matters;
  • You need to start with teachers who will teach you how not to harm when doing physical therapy. Do not rely on video bloggers: not doctors can show exercises on videos, but simply people with problems like yours, but without professionalism.

What exercises can not be done with varicose veins:

  • Jumping (remove the rope);
  • Presses, strength training (dumbbells, barbell);
  • Power extensions;
  • Weighted squats, active, fast;
  • Long-distance running, speed;
  • Flexion of the body, its extension;

Therapeutic exercise anytime, anywhere

exercise for varicose veins

Did you know that gymnastics with varicose veins can be performed under any conditions, sometimes you don’t need to allocate time for it. Here are some good moves at the checkout:

  1. If you sit for a long time, stand up on your toes, lower them sharply. Having done this two dozen times, we stop, wait ten seconds. Let's do two more sets;
  2. Place one foot on the toe. Pull it out so that it makes a right angle with the ankle standing straight. Repeat with the other leg. For each, a couple of dozen lifts;
  3. Stand up, grab the back of the work chair with your hand, grab the left heel with the other, pull it to the buttock. Stretching the front of the thigh you also need.

Exercises for varicose veins of the lower extremities at home, you can do in bed:

  • Waking up, we pull not a blanket, but toes, we tilt back;
  • We turn in all directions of the foot;
  • With the foot, we perform movements in a circle: we attract the sock to ourselves, we direct it away from us.

The first time we do each movement a maximum of five times. Having got used to it, we increase it to ten.

Morning set of exercises against varicose veins

  • Gymnastics for varicose veins begins with the upper body.
  • We stretch the neck (turn, tilt the head). Do not be heroic, do not force the load: there should be no pain.
  • Gently descend to the shoulder girdle. We wave our arms, rotate them, lean to the right and left, turn the torso.
  • To warm up the back, not very active deep inclinations will be needed. When this part of the body warms up, you can lean lower. Perform "cats" back, forward, backbends, cat-kaw (we stand on all fours, bend the spine, round it).

And now you can do the complex that is recommended for your disease

  1. Let's start with squats. They are recommended for illness conditionally.
  2. We spread our legs to the width of the shoulders, squat slowly. It is necessary that the pelvis is parallel to the floor. If it’s still difficult to squat, you don’t need to be heroic. Return to such movements in a month and a half.
  3. Let's do the swings. We wave back, to the sides, forward. The main thing here is caution and accuracy. Five times for each direction is enough.
  4. Next, let's take a spin on the weight with the legs. It is important to hold on to a chair here. We lean on the left leg, take the other to the side. We rotate inward, then outward. Five times is enough. We make a movement with the left.
  5. Rolling from toes to heels. This is the end of the complex.
  6. Let's go to the floor. We perform "scissors" plus "bike" from the school program in physical education.
  7. If you have a fitball, throw your shins up as you rotate it under you. Add tone to the vessels, making it painless and soft.
  8. We turn over with our backs up, raise our legs, both at once, and in turn. This should be convenient and easy to do.

15 exercises against varicose veins: gymnastics for veins

There is a popular and effective complex called 15 exercises against varicose veins.

Instead of warming up, sit with your knees bent. Perform movements 4 to 8 times. If you are not in good shape or feel unwell, you can reduce physical education to a minimum. It is more important to do everything right here.

Let's start standing

  • We stand upright, legs are placed in parallel. Three dozen times we rise on our toes, we go down. Leaving the heels together, we spread the socks on the sides, repeat the lifts in this position (again three dozen times). Now bring your toes together and spread your heels. Repeat your lifts. You can finish by walking on the floor, socks cannot be torn off from it;
  • We place the elbows, shoulders with forearms at the seams, bring the hips together. Exhaling slowly, we take our shoulders back. Inhaling, we relax them, and tilt our head forward;
  • Similar sp. We inhale, we rise on our toes. Exhale, return to the starting position;
  • We do not change the initial position. Inhale deeply, stand on your toes, raise your hips. We exhale, take the pose "swallow". We repeat with the second leg.
  • Bend your knees, put your heels on a chair. We unbend and bend one foot, then the other;
  • Same starting pose. We do not tear off the legs with the feet from our chair, we rotate them in both directions;
  • We lie, elbows at the seams. We straighten our legs, lift them up, perform foot rotations both to the sides and from ourselves to ourselves;
  • I. p. former. We rise into the birch, we spread the hips, bring them together, move them either from ourselves and towards ourselves;

We continue lying

Therapeutic exercises for varicose veins should be performed with the stomach up.

Let's start with the bike. It will improve blood flow, becoming a good workout.

  • Without changing the starting position, we inhale, bend the left knee to make an acute angle. We pull the knee to the chest. We exhale, give the leg a straight vertical position, lower it. Now it's the turn of the right leg;
  • We lie down, feet rested on the floor, we bend our knees into an acute angle, we place our hands on our hips. Inhaling, we raise the body with the head, we reach for the knees or towards them. We exhale, slowly at this pace we return to the starting position;
  • The same sp, but we place our hands at the seams. We inhale, we retract the abdominal muscles, we exhale and inflate.

Lie down on the side

  • Gymnastics for the legs with varicose veins of the lower extremities is first performed from the left side, then from the right side. Such movements can be performed up to ten times.
  • Straight legs. We lean on the left hand, place the right foot on the floor in front of the knee of the left leg, take the lower leg with the right hand. We bend the left foot towards us, raise the leg. We lower slowly;
  • We do not change the starting position. Support on the right elbow. Both palms are placed on the ground. We bend the right leg, stretch the other forward, bend it in the foot, pull its fingers as much as possible towards us. We strain both legs, straighten the free one and lift it up, lowering it slowly, it is forbidden to put it on the floor.

After the complex, it is good to conduct a contrast shower and apply a good remedy.

Let's relax the veins

exercise scissors for varicose veins

With varicose veins, it is important to relax the legs, unloading the vessels. Here are a few movements designed just for that.

  • We lay on the floor, we collect the legs in a right angle, the feet are pressed into the floor, the elbows with forearms are pressed to the hips. Slowly inhaling, raise the upper body and head. Palms gently slide over the hips (to the knees). We release the air slowly, we come to the starting position.
  • To unload the vessels, we lay down on our back, relax, close our eyes, breathe extremely deeply. And the legs themselves are above the body. To do this, put a hard pillow under them;
  • Lying on your back, stretching your knees, exhale, bend your legs. Retract the abdominal muscles, exhaling, inflate the muscles;
  • I. p. identical. We take a pillow with our feet, raise it to the body, so that we get an angle of 30 degrees. We inhale so that the lower back does not bend, and the buttocks come off the floor a little. We exhale, we come to a prone position with outstretched legs and arms;
  • Standing and stretching your arms straight, we rise on our toes. We stand with a full foot on the floor.

Other sports

Physical education with this disease does not end with exercise therapy. Experts believe that physical activity for vein disease is allowed if you choose them correctly. It all depends on the degree of development of the disease. Useful for you:

  • Bicycle (let the pedals be slightly lower than the length of your legs). Trips normalize lymph flow, strengthen the walls of diseased vessels with capillaries, normalize blood circulation;
  • Swimming, water aerobics, football in the water. For problems with veins, this is an ideal option: the load on the lower body is minimal here, and water massage is useful;
  • Run. It is not fatal for varicose veins: it depends on the type of run. Marathon, sprint, interval or fartlek is better not to do. We choose a treadmill or jogging, in which hematopoiesis and blood circulation improve. Any running is prohibited if there is thrombophlebitis;
  • Nordic walking. The benefits are similar to jogging;
  • Elliptical trainer, skis. The load for the legs is scanty here, but take up to four steps per second.

The choice of sport depends on the degree of the disease. At the first stage, everything is possible (do not do powerlifting or weightlifting). In stage two, yoga with Pilates or stretching is suitable. For the third, protect the vessels with compression clothing. Do not engage in martial arts, dancing, jumping, running.

Sports with vasodilatation are compatible if chosen correctly.